Important lesson for children
I absolutely adore the relationship with Phillip and reduce Ann! What a great combo, and the same combo is found in life. This idea will cause children to relate to this important lesson. Save the planet. Do good deeds and take care of not only earth, but animals or oceans and land.


Recycling is very important, especially in today's world of fast food. The message of how important it is to throw one's garbage in the bin as shown in this little book. Afterwhile the trash just piles up. I do believe there could have been more of a story in the book to make it interesting. Otherwise, I would have given it 5 stars.

Author Mary

Nice book
Cute story to teach kids. I gave to grandkids

Amazon Customer

A great teaching tool for kids
This is another great children's story about recycling. Fill up Phillip is a great name for the character and the addition of Reduce Ann is just as relatable. The book breaks down the importance of putting trash where it belongs and how it can impact wildlife in a bad way. Using the animals is a great idea and kids will enjoy the illustrations. Great concept!


Very cute story on a very important subject!
I really enjoyed this little story! I'm sure it will be quite helpful in raising awareness to the importance of recycling. I recommend it!

Tsila Glidai

A great way to teach children about recycling and trash pick up
BEAUTIFULLY illustrated with important messages about taking care of the environment.


Gregory Hetherington

Greg is a self-made man. Born in Sault St. Marie, Ontario Canada the son of Salvation Army missionaries, Greg spent most of his childhood in Chikankata Zambia, Africa. Returning to Canada as a teenager Greg had to play catch up with the difference in the education systems.

After high school, Greg pursued an education in art and graphic design. Greg moved from Canada to the United States in 2003. He now resides in the village of Lakeview, Michigan with his wife and son. Greg started an online newspaper in 2011 and has since expanded his entrepreneurial ventures to include helping writers experience their dreams of getting their books illustrated and published.

With his Aunt Colleen in Canada, using her vast painting skills as an illustrator, they have written their own books titled Fill Up Phillip, Fill Up Phillip Hearts Reduceann Re'Cycle and The Adventures of Fill Up Phillip Reduceann and Friends. Greg is busy with his newspaper, book talents, and many village committees, utilizing his many entrepreneurial skills.

Colleen Bartlett

As I started to write this I realized I have been driven in life by three things. The need for change the need to be warm and the need to create. As a child I made clothes for paper dolls. Many many outfits. When I was a preteen I was stuck in hospital and drew the boquet of roses someone sent me. Then won my eighth grade art contest. Mom was so proud.

At this point and at great sacrifice she arranged for me to take oil painting classes from a local artist. Mrs Daylrymple. That’s all I know we weren’t allowed to use first names back then. A couple of those early pieces are still kicking around.

I continued to paint and got a place at fanshaw college in their school of design. My first semester was in the design aspect. Often wonder if I’d done fine arts first I’d have made it past Christmas. Hated it. Cannot be creative on demand or at least not on their demand.


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